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obo Article - 2019 has been a Mad Year!

Focussing on the future of work, with the spotlight on mental health, coupled with an international network, there is no event quite like the Mad World Summit.

As we had been in 2018, we were once again proud to support this year’s event. And indeed, have pledged to do so again in 2020 and beyond.

This year we provided the ‘obo’ library, a sanctuary of calm away from the bustle of the summit. In addition, we were privileged to provide support to Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Cafe and Big White Wall.

Our founder (and advisory board member) Gary Helm explains, ‘MadWorld is such a fundamentally important summit which has truly allowed the conversation of mental health, wellbeing & wellness to be openly discussed. It has accelerated the removal of ignorance and of stigma. It is hugely encouraging to see individuals and organisations coming forward to share experiences and to see the business community openly advocating the adoption of mental health programmes.’

This is the foundation of our culture & purpose at obo; we believe that addressing mental health is the absolute key to unlocking great workspaces. If your organisation would like to discover more about the strategies that are being adopted, we’d love to share our experiences with you.


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