obo Article - #clerkenwellcuriosities

All of us in ‘Furniture Land’ spend a great deal of time in and around Clerkenwell, EC1.

We thought we’d take a closer look at our surroundings and explore some of the intriguing events, characters and architecture that have shaped our home-from-home through time.

We’ll be posting a series of mini-histories to share our findings with you.

Think criminals and radicals, revolution and thriving industry, ancient orders and game-changing discoveries.

So, when you’re walking around town today, take a look around you and let us know if there’s something you’ve always been curious about, a building you’d like to know more about or post your most interesting EC1 fact!

So, watch this space. First up we'll be exploring the rather moody beginnings of one of our favourite tipples.

#clerkenwellcuriosities #obolife