obo Article - John, in Full Colour!

As our explorations into the world of numerology and colour therapy continue, we bring you the next instalment with a Colour Personality Reading for our own John Walters.

We’re fascinated by how it offers an insight into how we interact with each other in life, at work and with the planet.

We’ve partnered with The Colour Ministry, a team of Colour Wellbeing Consultants who are passionate about colour and how it impacts our daily lives to learn more and to share our findings with you.

The methods of numerology produce four key colours reflecting Core Personality, Inner Child, Skills and Aspirations.

So, let’s find out more about our colleague!

First up, John’s Core Personality colour is violet, which relates to self-knowledge. Violet tells us that he is generous and inspirational and that his gentle energy gives out natural support to all those around him. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more! “You can be extremely charming and ooze charisma when you are comfortable in your surroundings.”

Now for the Inner Child colour, which is magenta. The Inner Child colour is a significant part of you for the first 12 to 13 years of your life. It is still in you now and you can access it at any time when you wish to use its powerful traits. “As a magenta child, you were grown up from an early age.” Magenta suggests that John may have preferred the company of older children or adults as he was (and still is) a sponge for information. He may have used his energy for entrepreneurial skills liking to work on his own and could use the fearlessness of this colour to ask for what he wanted. It’s a transformational aura colour, the energy creating the ability to prioritise harmony and wellbeing.

Now for Skills. John’s skills of green are harmonious and balanced, meaning that he makes his decisions from the heart. “Green is about ‘self-love’ and with this as your skills colour you are always working on yourself, even if you do not realise.” John is amazing at helping other people to learn how to love themselves, sharing his innate skills with those around him, as he naturally creates abundance whether that is love or money. “Your need to support others is strong and you are fabulous within a team.” Spot on!!

John’s Aspiration colour is, again, green. In this context, this is the colour of loving yourself, balance and…making money! It’s about learning to put down roots and creating a community with family and friends alike. In his quest for work/life balance, we’re likely to find John toiling away in his garden or allotment as “this allows you to reconnect to who you really are, out of a work environment, nature is naturally good for your soul”

In summary, John’s combined colours tell us that he is gentle but inspirational, he is communicative, balanced and harmonious. His forecast for the coming year is very good indeed!

New ideas, major changes and opportunities. So long as he follows his heart.

John’s full reading makes compelling reading and both John and the obo team were quite astonished by its accuracy. If we can listen to the message the reading offers we can learn much about our behaviours. It highlights elements of our personality we may not have been inclined to notice but which now, make perfect sense.

Anything that can help us to understand ourselves and those around us with a little more clarity can only be great!

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