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Work your Way

We recently announced our partnership with HAT Collective in the UK – Danish designed and manufactured workstations and wall-mounted solutions. HAT Collective is a wonderful portfolio addition and complements our existing product offerings, further enabling our ability to support productivity and wellbeing for blended workstyles.

We have carefully selected an initial product collection that supports all different work modes. Whether in the office or at home, sitting or standing, collaborating or at a distance, our sophisticated range of workplace solutions lets you work your way.

The perfect companion for a healthy workday

This elegant, Parsons-style table offers unmatched stability compared to other 4-leg, height-adjustable models.

Work your Way: Elle is available in four different surface-mounting conditions for a tailored design and fit. The standard integrated cable tray makes power management easy, while the adjustable crossbar allows for simple reconfiguration.

Sleek design and the freedom of choice

Collaboration and connectivity never looked- or felt – so good! With Ellehaven, your team can sit or stand together in style. It’s your choice. Work your way.

Work your Way: Ellehaven’s height adjustment can be powered by cable or battery. This built-in flexibility makes this height-adjustable table suitable for any layout while maintaining your environment’s aesthetics. An integrated wire management tray holds batteries and wires in place for added organisation.

If you would like to know more and learn about the customisation options, please schedule a meeting with Jonathan Hinton, who leads our HAT Collective sales efforts and visit us at our Studio at 32 Great Sutton Street.

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