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Our approach to the new hybrid workspace

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Whether we are working from a home office, dining table, living room or bedroom, a well-designed workspace is vitally important to our performance levels.


We collaborate with like-minded, equally passionate experts to deliver holistic workplaces which deeply support and encourage the emotional and physical wellbeing of those who use them.


Drawing on extensive studies worldwide, a number of core considerations have been identified for the worker/workspace relationship which are critical to enabling optimal human performance and allowing people to do their best work.

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It’s about achieving the right balance, cognitively, emotionally and physically. An optimised workspace, wherever that may be, creates the right conditions for productivity and wellbeing.


Creating the conditions that support wellbeing

As passionate advocates of healthy workplaces for the body and mind, obo focus on creating holistic workplace experiences.

We fully support our clients in considering not only the immediate needs of their business, but also the long term needs of their staff.

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As the role and function of the traditional workplace rapidly evolves, there are a number of considerations to ensure the best possible physical and mental health as employers and employees approach ‘hybrid’ working.


Workable Wellbeing is a series of short online tutorials and workshops designed to provide strategies and simple behaviours in five key areas.

The workplace is much more than a container for people. And it’s much more than a tool used to perform a task. A well-designed workspace participates in performing the task, enabling optimal human performance - cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

Now more than ever, the workplace and the people within it need to be aligned towards common goals: commercial, safe and effective.


Contact us to find out how Workable Wellbeing can help prepare your workforce for the changes ahead.

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