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Guest Article - How Colour Can Support You in Self-isolation

Written by Alison Standish of The Colour Ministry.

At times like these, when the world feels that it has gone a little mad and we are being asked to self isolate so that others that are more vulnerable are not put at risk, we can find that we have a whole heap of feelings being unsurfaced. Whether this is fear or anxiety of being isolated or fear of becoming ill, colour can play an important role in helping you to feel more positive and upbeat.

My first colour choice is the wonderful colour of orange. This is my go-to master colour to which I use a great deal in treatments to help people combat depression. It helps to increase the serotonin levels of the body along with uplifting us. Orange helps us to ‘let go’ of anything that we do not need, and fear is one thing we really do not need!

Orange is the colour of creativity and fun, music and dance. It is also the colour of Vitamin C, helping to boost the immune system and evoke freedom from overthinking.

Here are some delightful orange things you can do while you are at home or isolated:

  • Drink water from an orange glass – water holds the vibration of the colour so is beneficial physically and emotionally.

  • Get out those felt tips or coloured pencils and use orange to draw, colour or paint – you will feel the benefit

  • Order oranges in your delivery, or when you are in the supermarket – place in a bowl and leave where you can see them (only 25% of colour is for our vision, the remaining 75% travels inside the body as a vibration)

  • Use wild orange or orange fragrance in your burner, or put on a tissue and sniff occasionally

  • Leave an item of clothing which is orange on the back of a chair or within your vision – a cushion or scarf will also do – it will make you smile as you walk by.

All colours have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. In such unprecedented times, we at The Colour Ministry will be posting and blogging plenty of helpful information to support you and your mental health.

If you have any queries or would like any further information then please email us at

Stay Safe Everyone and Many Rainbow Blessings


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