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Introducing Gustav!

Hi, I'm Gustav!

I’ve been thinking about the new challenges that face us all and I think I can help! I could be your new workmate and help you get around.

I’ll carry your laptop, your folders & papers, and all those personal items – whatever you’d keep on your regular desk, safely and securely.

Also, you see that panel on my front side? Fold it down and I’m a laptop or tablet stand. Or a file holder. Or… however else I can help. I’m open to ideas.

But enough about me. I want to get to know you. So all that blank space is for you to make me feel like yours.

Show a bit of personality. Holiday snaps. Favourite quotes. You know the kind of thing. That way any place you take me feels like your space. Straight away.

Right. Time to get to work. Or shall we grab a coffee first?!

Gustav is designed for everyone, be it in your increasingly agile offices, newfound home-working environments, or both of the above.

Occupying the space between the office locker and a personal bag, Gustav responds to the emerging needs of the modern, activity-based worker. He helps to support you in the modern office on a hygienic, practical, and emotional level. Gustav is not just pioneering in design, but offers a solution to a new problem and therefore establishes an entirely new product category.

  • He’s a portable office toolbox who doubles as an excellently ergonomic laptop stand.

  • He’s light, beautifully-designed, and holds all the personal work essentials one may need, allowing you to set up your workspace in seconds, hygienically and safely.

  • He offers peace of mind, allowing you to carry your personal workspace with you wherever you go, or store it in a locker or shelf in your shared space.

In these unusual times, it’s good to have a little friend in the office!

Good stuff, Gustav!

Watch me in action :)

If you would like some more information, please do email us at or check out Gustav online!


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