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Lud'o | Transcending the boundaries of furniture into the world of fashion

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Introducing The Lud’o lounge chair; the revolutionary armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola crossing the boundaries of design to discover a new way of dwelling drawn from the fashion world.

An innovative, surprising and eco-friendly product. A product that completely transforms our perception of the furniture object. A hybrid product transcending the boundaries of design until it meets the fashion world. It's Lud'o Lounge, the new armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cappellini that recreates the softness of a feather-padded jacket, a coat inspired by street culture and a tailored jacket. Lud'o Lounge is a tribute to Vico Magistretti to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Master of Italian Design, with whom Patricia Urquiola began her career as a designer in Milan and from whom she learned the ability to push the limits of a project. And it is precisely by challenging these frontiers that a transformative and revolutionary armchair was born.

A supporting structure made of recycled plastic wearing a soft “dress”, which can be changed depending on the seasons, occasions or mood.

"With a simple change of clothes, Lud'o Lounge reveals a different image from time to time. It is not a classic removable upholstering, but on the contrary a wearable object, characterized by great comfort and representing an important chapter in the evolution of the concept of a contemporary seat"

commented Giulio Cappellini, talent scout and creative soul of the company.

Instead of nestling into a traditional armchair, the user is invited to live a new relationship with the furnishing object because Lud'o Lounge is an invitation to let yourself slip into your favourite coat. First, it can be the nylon sports upholstery that recalls the street world of sneakers and made from recycled plastic collected in the seas; a second time, it can be the corduroy one that draws on the latest trends from fashion shows; another time, it will be the soft wool bouclé returning a pleasant tactile experience and recalling the softness of the alpacas or sheep's woollen fleece.

"The idea was to design a comfortable, enveloping and extremely soft seat, but one that could be transformed with ease. This is how a piece of furniture was born that can live more lives: it is a daily object that perfectly interprets our sustainability pact with the environment,"

said Patricia Urquiola.

Lud'o Lounge is a relaxation armchair extremely innovative in the concept, in the lines, in the construction system: it is the protagonist of a new way of dwelling.

We're featuring Lud'o Lounge on our #essentials page and would be delighted to share more with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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