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obo Article - Feel Better in 2020!

As we had been in 2018, we were once again proud to support last year’s Mad World Summit and this time we were privileged to provide support to Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Cafe.

Frazzled Cafe is a registered charity that operates with the purpose of providing a safe, anonymous and non-judgemental environment where people who are feeling frazzled can meet on a regular basis to talk and share their personal stories.

Frazzled Cafe is not just for the one-in-four of us who will suffer from diagnosed mental illness at some point in our lives; it is for the four-in-four feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life.

“We live in a time where to have a life crammed to the hilt is considered a success story. But with all this pressure, so many of us have nowhere to go to meet and talk about it. Frazzled Cafe is about people coming together to share their stories, calmly sitting together, stating their case and feeling validated as a result. Feeling heard, to me, has always been half the cure.”


At obo we believe that addressing mental health is the absolute key to unlocking great workspaces.


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