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obo Article - Gabi, in Full Colour!

We touched on our explorations into the world of numerology and colour therapy a few posts ago. We’re fascinated by how it offers an insight into how we interact with each other in life, at work and with the planet.

We’ve teamed up with The Colour Ministry, a company of Colour Wellbeing Consultants who are passionate about colour and how it impacts our daily lives to learn more and to share our findings with you. And, now we have another birthday in the ranks, it’s Gabi’s turn!

The methods of numerology produce four key colours reflecting Core Personality, Inner Child, Skills and Aspirations.

So, let’s find out more about our colleague!

Gabi’s Core Personality colour is green, which relates to self-love. Green relates to number 4 and in the core personality this is about love, balance and harmony. “Gabi, you are warm and open hearted by nature and you make the people around you feel comfortable and relaxed.”

The home is very important to Gabi, with a ‘the more the merrier’ approach, welcoming friends and family to share in good food and drink (!). Although travel is enjoyed, home is the place to breathe and rebalance.

Good therapy for Gabi is nurturing nature being ‘naturally green-fingered’ which might explain the 30+ houseplants!

Orange is a key support colour for her to have around which acts to balance the ‘slightly’ stubborn streak. We’re not saying a word!

Now for the Inner Child colour which is gold relating to self-realisation. A gold inner child is said to be ‘born wise’, to have needed to adapt and to go with the flow from an early age.

Gabi’s fluid nature means that she’s extremely sensitive to people’s energy and emotions and this means that she may be vulnerable to others manipulations. However, “you are a universal ‘old soul’ and have lived many lifetimes on the earth’s plane.” So, she should be alright!

Next up is Skills which is again, green. In this context meaning balance and harmony and again all about the heart. Gabi’s heart needs to be in a project, knowing it is right, otherwise there’s a risk of losing connection. Decisions are lead by the heart.

Green skills show a need to support and encourage, being calm and considerate in a crisis. Greens rarely lead though as the compassion gets the better of them, often shutting down when unhappy. The advice here is to “choose to say how you feel with love and you will create the responses you desire”.

Finally, the Aspiration colour which is again, gold and here it means unconditional love.

“Gold is a completion colour and this journey you are completing some valuable lessons and you’re not to come back and learn again!” So, this is Gabi’s last spin!!

As an ‘old soul’ she’s likely to experience many feelings of déjà vu and is advised to consider what to leave in her spiritual legacy.

In summary, although Gabi only has two colours in her chart, they both represent love and, well, that’s no bad thing!!


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