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obo Article - Generous Green - The Colour of 2020!

“Colour is not just for our sight, it impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally & psychologically, and transforms our daily lives”

At obo we’re exploring the world of numerology and colour therapy offering an insight as to how we interact with each other in life, at work and with the planet. Using tools from The Colour Ministry we’ll be discovering the meaning of our colour personalities and sharing our findings with you. We hope to help you explore your own colour personality and give you an insight into what 2020 might hold for you.

We start a new decade with the colour green. The colour of balance, harmony and love which rules the heart area of the body. It creates abundance, and is the colour of money (money was always green and created by trees), so 2020 may offer the possibility of financial benefits from the ‘fruit of our labour’.

Noticeable personal gains can be made in 2020 when you put your heart into what you want to achieve. The energy of love will be all around us this year. Let’s make sure we take advantage of it. In our work, with family & friends and, regardless of circumstance, for the greater world around us.


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