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obo Article - In Full Colour!

We touched on our explorations into the world of numerology and colour therapy a few posts ago. We’re fascinated by how it offers an insight into how we interact with each other in life, at work and with the planet.

We’ve partnered with The Colour Ministry, a team of Colour Wellbeing Consultants who are passionate about colour and how it impacts our daily lives to learn more and to share our findings with you. And, what better way to start than by convincing our own Founder and Director, Gary Helm to share his rather insightful colour personality reading!

The methods of numerology produce four key colours reflecting Core Personality, Inner Child, Skills and Aspirations.

So, let’s find out more about our boss!

Gary’s Core Personality colour is yellow, which relates to self-esteem. He is bright, organised and inventive. His creativity enables him to see the world from ‘outside of the box.’ Gary likes a plan, a list and sometimes when things don’t go ‘just as organised’ this can create stress!

He is good at making decisions (as yellow brings clarity and reasoning) and is infinitely adaptable in many situations and loves getting involved in a project where he will take the lead when he has to but can also be a team player when required. “People remember you, as you are the bringer of sunshine and light.” Crikey!

Now for the Inner Child colour, which is also yellow.

In general, this reflects a drive and willingness to learn, a personality that when challenged excels yet when bored, lacks concentration and seeks stimulus; an inherent ability to problem solve and see solutions.

“From an early age, people could see that you already shined a light which you continue to do today.”

Well, this is all going rather well, isn’t it?!

Now for Skills. Gary’s skills of violet are empathetic and gentle which lend well to leading a team (of course, we all completely agree!)

“You are inspiring and you are able to influence others giving positive recommendations that they may not have thought of. You have great inner strength and are courageous in your beliefs but when you are feeling overwhelmed you tend to hide until someone brings you out of the shadows.”

It also mentions here something about a “hedonistic lifestyle” which we must assume refers to days gone by!

Gary’s Aspiration colour is Orange. This is a healing colour of warmth and confidence. Should Gary need to free any negative emotions then creativity and sensuality are key. Oo-errr. Activities such as music, dance, fun adventures (and knitting) should be enjoyed to bring joyful vibes.

“Good food, wine and travel may become priorities on your list as you become older.”

Now, that’s what we’re talking about!!

In all seriousness, the full reading makes compelling reading and both Gary and the obo team were quite astonished by its apparent accuracy. It goes far deeper than the summary above and as we delve further there is much advice that can be gleaned from these very personal insights.

We’re all a little nervous about our turn!

We await the comments from those who know our bright, empathetic (and hedonistic) leader!


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