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obo Article - Introducing GB freediver, Helena Bourdillon

Today we are delighted to announce a partnership with celebrated freediver Helena Bourdillon.

At obo, our mission to put physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do makes for a rewarding collaboration with Helena who has battled and overcome chronic depression to become a 7x National Record Holder, diving to depths of -76m.

At 45 years old, Helena has represented Great Britain four times at the World Championships but her story is one of survival and her road to recovery has inspired her to share her mental health journey with others; to promote the fact that every life is worth fighting for, that it is never too late, and that anything is possible, for anyone.

We first met Helena through the Mad World Summit - a worthy and topical cause close to both our hearts. Our shared values ignited a conversation and it’s now an honour to be supporting Helena’s career.

Based on her motto “Daring To Inspire”, Helena balances her freediving training and appearances at international competitions with public speaking events in which she talks about triumphing chronic depression to achieve positive mental health.

Over the coming months, we will be collaborating with Helena on a series of speaking engagements and breathing workshops, where guests can hear all about the training methods and skills required for freediving and how such skills can also be practiced by anyone. As well as this, the workshops will offer an introduction to better breathing habits and the immediate benefits you can gain from them.

Watch this space for further information about our partnership.


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