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obo Event - How To Beat The Afternoon Slump

Last week, we partnered with Fritz Hansen in their stunning new Clerkenwell showroom to host an insightful breakfast presentation with our own expert nutritionist Sophie Higgins LLB, dipCNM, mNNA: How to beat the mid-afternoon slump.

The purpose of the talk was to help us all better understand that, what we eat affects how we feel from not only a digestion & gut point of view, but also benefits us cognitively and aids our mental wellbeing.

The lack of energy at around 3pm is something many of us suffer from but can so easily be solved, with a holistic approach to our diet and lifestyle.

For some, work can mean poor sleep, long hours, high-stress levels, all pepped up with caffeine and sugar. This heady mix of high cortisol and fluctuating blood sugar levels easily becomes a never-ending cycle of highs and lows.

However, as Sophie explained, once we recognise this we can take action to ensure we remain focused and productive, which allows us to do our jobs well and is also essential for our overall, long-term health.

The solution starts at breakfast; rather than grabbing a coffee and a sweet treat, Sophie advocates complex carbohydrates and protein to produce a steady supply of slow-release energy. Another key factor is to remain hydrated throughout the day – often feeling tired and hungry can be attributed to a lack of water.

Seems simple right? But of course, it’s not, changing long-ingrained habits takes a lot of will power and doesn’t happen overnight.

Sophie encouraged everyone to make a few small changes in the right direction to begin with and build towards the ultimate goal. You can view the presentation and Sophie's tips and advice here.

The talk is one of a series of Workable Wellbeing Workshops that we have devised. The series includes subject matters such as Nutrition, Movement, Colour, Mental Fitness and Breath Control. All have been designed to enhance the user experience within work and social spaces and to help our clients better understand the human elements of these spaces, in order for people within them to be healthier, happier, more engaged and ultimately more productive.


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