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Welcome to Visionary Violet, the colour of 2023

What will this year bring? How can we best use its positive vibrations? This article gives you hints and tips on harnessing the positive energy of violet along with a few challenges you may wish to look out for.

In the world of numerology, 2023 is a 7 year and relates to the colour violet. As the last colour on the visible spectrum, it is associated with the crown energy of the body. It is also the shortest wavelength and highest frequency of all the visible colours, making it super sensitive to energy fluctuations.

This year we will no doubt FEEL the energy like no other year. Violet allows the creative and inspirational right side of our brains, to balance with the logical and informational left side. Expect to see more artistic works to be created whether that is in dramas, films, artworks, and anything creative. Design could take a leap forward in the field of AI, new systems, new technology as inspiration is the key in 2023.

Violet brings feelings of empathy and compassion, along with counselling, support and wellbeing. As the energy is gentler, more understanding and slightly less aggressive, it may be a great time to learn new ‘soft skills’.Perhaps a course in self-care or self-development may await you this year?

Spiritually, Violet is seen as the connection colour to our higher power, to the divine or directly to the creator. Spiritual pursuits may become more important for many people. Who are we? What is our purpose?

We may witness a break down in larger corporate structures and that of Governments around the world as this is a time for the ‘people’. Violet questions the need to be ruled, controlled, and can manifest in changes to our political and governmental systems. We follow a Violet year with a Magenta year (2024) which is all about transformation and change!

So, what do we need to look out for? Firstly, the vibration is high so it may feel a little fast and furious at times, make sure you take that much needed ‘down’ time and spend time in nature.

Violet can seem quite serene by showing gentle and empathetic qualities, but it is also extremely powerful. As with any colour there are both positive and negative traits and when Violet is out of balance It can be quite crafty, scheming and a little manipulative. Watch out for dodgy money schemes and scams, or anyone promising things that are just too good to be true.

Typical colour personalities of Violets are William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, and Elizabeth II to name just a few.

What is your colour personality? Join us and The Colour Ministry on 31st January for an hours webinar on ‘Get to know your Colour Personality’ and gain an insight into the language of colour. Learn more about your core colour personality, and understand how it affects our traits and behaviours, along with those around us.

We are privileged to work with colour therapist and founder of The Colour Ministry, Alison Standish, who gave us an insight into what we could expect in the year ahead.


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