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wOw Article - workable wellbeing by obo (Affordances)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Last week we partnered with Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm, to host and deliver a workshop to their teams, to help them gain a more complete understanding of ergonomics. From emotional, physical & cognitive perspectives. The workshop, one of a series that we offer under the heading of ‘workable wellbeing’ #wOw, was devised to support & guide people in their places of work. Naturally, our places of work have changed, but the messages have not. More so now than ever we need to be mindful of how we are using our homes as our place of work and understand what we can do to ensure that we are looking after ourselves appropriately. The webinar session was hosted by the obo team, who were joined by Haworth’s Head of Seating Simon Vernon. Simon shared his knowledge by discussing a variety of subjects including correct sitting, posture, movement, light and hydration. He explained that sitting for prolonged times can reduce circulation in the legs by up to 50%. He advised that this could be combatted by regular movement and shared a number of tips as to how this could be achieved. Other impacts of prolonged sitting were addressed, such as the closing of the diaphragm, restriction of airflow & oxygen to the lungs and reduced flow to the brain. All of which cause fatigue and directly affect our physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Simon referenced Dr. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, bestselling author, award-winning Harvard lecturer, and expert on the behavioral science of power, presence, and prejudice.

Simon invited us to look at some of Dr Cuddy’s YouTube videos Other discussion points that resonated with all participants included blue light, (a stimulant that can take the brain two hours to settle down from), natural daylight (and our Vitamin D intake) and hydration. And finally, to be mindful of our environment as well as all the people there with us. We are all going through this together but it’s likely that we are all experiencing different emotions, different worries, concerns & anxieties so remember to be mindful of this. #obolife #wOw #eachother @lifeatgallup


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