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wOw Article - workable wellbeing by obo (Breathing & Nutrition)

Last week we again partnered with Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm, to host and deliver workshops to their teams, to help them gain a more complete understanding of breathing & nutrition and how better practice could have a positive effect on their health; physical, mental and immune. The workshops, from a series that we offer under the heading of ‘workable wellbeing’ #wOw, were devised to support and guide people in their places of work. Naturally, our places of work have changed, but the messages have not. More so now than ever we need to be mindful of how we are using our homes as our place of work and understand what we can do to ensure that we are looking after ourselves appropriately.

The breathing workshop was delivered by GB freediver Helena Bourdillon. Helena, has survived and triumphed over chronic depression (a truly inspiring story) and has represented Great Britain at the World Championships four times, freedives to depths of -76m and has 7 National Records. Helena shared her knowledge and experience by outlining some simple techniques and changes that we can make in order for us to maximise the body’s natural filtration and defense mechanism. Helena then took the group through a number of seated exercises to show first-hand the benefits of positive breathing and how we could recondition our bodies into better breathing habits. The Nutrition session was hosted by the obo team and delivered by our very own Sophie Higgins DipCNM mNNA. As well as being a critical member of the obo team, Sophie is also a registered nutritional therapist. Sophie touched on many areas of nutritional mindfulness & how during these prolonged times at home & being ‘locked-down’ whilst we’re moving less, maybe feeling a little less motivated than usual, bored maybe, that we need to fuel our bodies more appropriately than ever. She explained the hugely important role that nutrition plays in our wellbeing; physical and mental. Quite simply eating the right foods and remaining correctly hydrated improves sleep, strengthens immune systems and regulates our blood sugar levels. The group were guided on not only what to eat, but also when to eat. Although it’s safe to say that we all learned a considerable amount, and that we now look at our food in a more positive and mindful way, we’ve opted to issue a follow up to the participants as a timely reminder after an overindulgent Easter weekend! #obolife #wOw @lifeatgallup obo is proud to sponsor Helena Bourdillon. For further details on Helena and her activities, please visit


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