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wOw Article - workable wellbeing by obo (Colour)

Last week we joined our client Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm, for an online workshop to look at the subject of Colour Personality. This was the second in a series of workable wellbeing #wOw workshops being delivered to Gallup by obo. Alison Standish, a Professional Colour Consultant, was our speaker & her passion for Colour and Light over the last 15 years has led her to create 'The Colour Ministry' an innovative organisation that has taken ancient colour therapy techniques and brought them into the 21st Century, creating a truly technicolour experience.

We all have a personality colour – yes, we really do!

An opening series of questions on the importance of colour in our lives, was followed by some historical evidence of how colour can impact (positively & negatively) on our wellbeing.

Having provided the participants with a colour calculator in advance of the workshop, Alison then took the group through the nine colours, and how our own ‘personal colour’ affected not only us, but those around us. Family, friends and colleagues alike. Understanding our colour personality and those of others can have such a positive impact on our lives not only professionally but personally as well. Are our colleagues warm, cool, thinkers, doers, observers etc? How better could we communicate with them if we were to understand their colour and reflect on that knowledge? It is also important to recognise that environments, and the colours within, impact and affect us greatly. Colour helps communicate to teams, with colleagues & of course at home. Have a look around you, the colour of your homes, your choice of what you wear. In so many ways, in every way! Colour impacts our life #obolife #wOw #eachother @lifeatgallup @haworthinc


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