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The Watercooler Wellbeing Edit

As the official Wellbeing Design Partner, we were once again pleased to provide an insight into the innovative and sustainable solutions that obo offers to respond to the fast changing demands of the workplace. Representing a number of the world’s emerging furniture manufacturers, we carefully balance organisational and individual needs, to provide solutions for both concentrated and collaborative tasks.


We are thrilled to share more photos of the incredible Watercooler Conference and Exhibition. Visitors were able to step inside the Jetson acoustic pods to make calls (audio and video) without distraction.  The official podcast was also recorded from one of the pods.

Noho chair.png

noho move™ chair

The originality of the noho move chairs offered a one-of-a-kind experience both aesthetically and functionally for a number of areas, and added to the show’s overall sense of wellbeing.


WorkSmith Meeting Table by Arcadia

As the Wellbeing Design Partner of The Watercooler Conference and Exhibition, we were excited to show off the beautiful Arcadia WorkSmith products, to inspire visitors to share ideas and work together.


Designed by the award-winning Rainlight Studio.

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