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Learn about Lightly: the super-stacker

Designers and engineers at Formway are the bright minds behind the design of Lightly. Early research conducted by Formway showed the importance of stacking as a user benefit, to save space within the home. That research also showed how stacking could maximize shipping efficiency, which minimizes environmental impact.

Lightly stacks and adapts

Through clever design, Formway was able to create a remarkably space-efficient solution. Ten Lightly chairs form a stable stack that is just 3.5 feet high, with a footprint of not much more than a single chair. Key to this efficiency are Lightly’s fine rear legs. These are slender in profile, strengthened by the tie-bars. Lightly's fine legs allow each chair to sit closely together, which means that the overall center of gravity in a stack of ten chairs remains rearwards, keeping the stack stable.

Smaller homes call for clever solutions—but stacking can benefit more than just the space conscious, it can help reduce a product's carbon footprint through efficient shipping too!


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